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Pharmacy Badass University Basic Membership
$97 / Month
Pharmacy Profit Vault Monthly Newsletter
Confidence - Know Exactly What To Focus On For Each Month
Relief - You Wont Miss Impactful Opportunities
Hope - You Can Dramatically Improve Your Pharmacy With Simple Changes
Access - Gain Access To Members-Only Community Chat
Pharmacy Badass University Essentials Membership
$397 / Month
All The Tools To Increase Cash Flow
Everything In Basic Plus...
On-Demand Courses
Pharmacy Profit Roadmap
All Pharmacy Profit Summit Recordings
Weekly Live Q&A
Unlimited Graphic Designs
Monthly Masterminds
Pharmacy Badass University Unlimited Coaching
$797 / Month
Get All The Help You Need.
Everything in Essentials Plus...
Access Any Any Of Our Full-Time Or Specialty Coaches
Coaches Can Work Directly With Your Staff As Well
Perfect For An Owner Wanting ALL The Shortcuts
Monthly Marketing Analytics Report
Pharmacy Badass University Inner Circle
$2,500 / Month
Exclusive Group of Highly Ambitious Pharmacy Owners
2 In-Person Annual Meetings In Desireable Locations
Exclusive Advanced Trainings Taught By Dr. Faast
1-on-1 Calls With Dr. Lisa Faast
Full Access For You & 1 Partner
Exclusive Slack Channel
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