Accountability Call : We are 3 months post summit. What are you working on? What have you accomplished? Where do you need help? What are your goals for the next month?

Accountability Call - October 26, 2021

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We are 3 months post summit.
What are you working on?
What have you accomplished?
Where do you need help?
What are your goals for the next month?
Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. This is your our countability call for post Summit. So we are three months post Summit. Since we were all together in July, and I want to hold you guys accountable to what your original goals are. Even if those goals have changed, that’s okay. But let’s let’s address what original goals were. So what are you currently working on? This is going to be an engaging post. So make sure you post down in the comments, the answer to some of these questions. What are you working on? What have you accomplished since the summit? What’s the one takeaway that you went and you implemented and it made a change in your pharmacy? What do you need help with? You know, we’ve got some amazing pharmacists and pharmacy owners in this group. And many of you are doing some really amazing things. I hear from a lot of you very frequently and direct messages and text messages and even a couple of phone calls. But I want to make sure there’s no pharmacy owner left behind. So today’s the day that I’m going to push and prod you and try to get everyone to engage and tell us again what you’re working on. What’s something that you’ve accomplished. What are your goals for the next two months, we have two months to the end of the year. It’s a little bit crazy time is flying by. But how can we help you? I know it’s busy. You got Medicare, open enrollment, we got COVID boosters, we’ve got flu shots, you might have pointed care, strep testing, flu testing, RSV, testing, you know, there’s 1000 things to be doing, which is fine. No, no problem being busy. But let’s make sure we’re also accomplishing your overall goals for your pharmacy. So what are those goals? How can we help you streamline? How can we help you be more efficient? Is there some technology that might help you? Is there a trick? Sometimes these tricks and tips these little hacks of pharmacy ownership are just the some of them are a little bit VA moments, you’re like, Oh, why didn’t I think of that. And so sometimes small little tweaks can make a big difference. So this is your accountability call. This is me kicking your booty butt out of bed. So to speak, figuratively. And I want to hear from each and every one of you. I’ll give everybody some time to watch this live because I know not everybody’s actually watching it live right now. Bama, start posting you and are tagging you and posting and reaching out to you guys, because I want to make sure that you’re getting the help and support you need for whatever problem ails you, you know, if you had a goal back in July, and of course, maybe monoclonal antibodies completely threw you off your path or something like That’s okay, life happens, we can be flexible. But let’s make sure that we are tracking to the goals you have your goals might have changed since then. And so let us help you. And we can only do that if you communicate. So again, what are you working on? What have you accomplished in the summit? What are your goals for the rest of the year? Those three simple questions is what I’m going to be hounding you guys on and so watch out for some tagging and some direct messaging, because I want to make sure that you all are getting the support you need. I’m also going to be sending you guys an email, I would send a raven if I knew how to train them. But I want to make sure that we are here to help you and support you and make sure that you succeed. So that is it today that is all for office hours. I won’t keep you any longer post in your comments or you are going to get a call from me in some way, shape or form. I’m going to reach out so post down below and I will read every single one I will respond to every single one. Probably lots of other people will too. So be successful kick ass these last two months, and let us help you be awesome. So bye everyone.

Date: September 1, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm