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Ready To Rev Up Your Point Of Care Testing Revenues?

Our special point-of-care testing program starts the week of September 12th!

Get the help you need to successfully implement and grow Point of Care Testing in your pharmacy.

Dr. Kristin Tallent will personally host this special group coaching program to ensure you are ready to seize the point of care testing opportunities in your community.

This limited offering will last for 8 weeks. You'll be able to get through any roadblocks by leveraging Dr. Kristin's extensive experience in live weekly calls. The course's entire contents are on-demand so that you can complete them at your own pace. Then our weekly live calls will help you or your staff implement what you learn in your pharmacy.

It usually costs thousands of dollars to work directly with Dr. Tallent. Here at DiversifyRx, we are firmly committed to helping you succeed in POCT, so we put together this unique program exclusively for our members.

You can access this 8-week group coaching program for a 1-time payment of $497 in addition to your regular membership.

Access Our Exclusive 8-Week Group Coaching Program

Get weekly live calls with the queen of point of care testing, Dr. Kristin Tallent. You not only have access to her, she will also share her exclusive tools and tips.

Benefits Of Our 8-Week POCT Coaching Program

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