How To Market To Your Community

CBD Champion Chat - July 12, 2022

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How To Market To Your Community


So today we’re going to talk about briefly or an overview of section six which is about how to market how to market to folks outside of your pharmacy so we’ve already talked about how to pull some reports meeting is being recorded Am I there now. Okay, so how to market to folks that are already your customers are what we like to call low hanging fruit. So now I’m going to talk about how to go out and attract in and bring in outside customers. So Lisa talks a lot about social media we love social media hear, the more authentic so if you can relate somebody’s patient you don’t have to say names, but if you can relate it to an actual story that you know the CBD has helped somebody. The sleep study is is or the sleep course. The products have actually helped somebody if you need inspiration. just book a small call with Jason boss marketing at diversify RX and he can give you first to an account of how it has legitimately changed his life, and we’re also very excited for him about that, but then it becomes more easy to talk to talk about. Because you’ve seen it actually work and you’ve seen it in playing you can you see how it has changed somebody’s life. To go along with social media, we have tons and tons of resources, I think it’s 45 Different Canva templates, um, just for social social media posts. So what you will do is in your, create your Canva account, if you haven’t already, go in there, and you can open them up in your Canva account and edit him as needed. I always like to tell it, you know, each person that if you see our logo on it, we don’t want you to keep our logo on it, replace it with your own, make it totally and absolutely customizable to your pharmacy. Now, I want to talk about doing lives, get doing lives, and Instagram reels, and now YouTube shorts. Those platforms will reward you for going live on each of them. In fact, Instagram has recently put out like a, you know, a bulletin press release, saying that they are no longer a photo platform anymore. That they are they have said this themselves that they are giving more eyes to folks that use the reels so do the reels, do the shorts on Instagram as well. They’re a little tricky. But if you need any help, that’s what I’m here for, I’d love to hop on a call and show you how to do it. And what I really want to dive into though, is the ebook. Because the ebook seems to be a little. People don’t know what to do with it, they’re a little intimidated by it. So don’t be intimidated by the ebook. The eBook is a great tool, it is what we call a lead magnet. And what that means is is you are providing something of value, in this case, the sleep ebook, in exchange for their information, their digital information, so their email address, so that you can mark it to them later. You can put this on all social media platforms. And even there’s even a spot in Facebook where you can fill you can fill out the form, write that in there. But you will attach it to a small form, you can do those in Google, there’s plenty of places I can help you with that as well. But if you just go to Google, it’s free. And you can create a form there, they can put their information in the form and then they get the email the ebook, emailed to them. It’s a great exchange of information. And then you take all that email information, all those email addresses that you have, and you can continue to, to market to them. Either you know, through your newsletter or through blogs, through all the fun stuff that we can send through email. And email is still very much a viable way to market. Don’t it’s not, it’s not past its prime, it’s still really, really good to use.
So, so you’re going to again, exchange information and information you’re going to post that that ebook, you can even do it in ads, if you’re ready to take the step which we encourage do some ads, run some ads, try different photos, try different you know, eye catching things. I happen to like cows in catchy and animals. It’s just showing my age though. You never know what’s going to attract people. So try different things when you’re doing your ads and have that ebook as as the carrot, the carrot that you want to give them in exchange for their information. Mike, did you have something to add to that?
No, no, I think again, it’s it’s the time having someone with your ability and utilizing You of course but someone within your staff that you have as a champion for your social media for your outreach. I always thought to when COVID first came out was it helps a pharmacy at that point in time to gather better patient information. Right and for a patient to say you know I need to update all your information and reason is as one where there is a change or something changes with COVID or another outbreak for any reason I have a reason to reach out to you so I have the right platforms to reach you can reach you by Facebook can reach you by other other plot firms have made you know, the phone available. I always thought that was one of the better ways to try to get you know, least reach to the patients who are in your store, but at the same time, right, you’re creating a market for the outside for people you haven’t touched yet, I think you’ve hit that key.
Right and once you so you know, once you once they become friends on the social medias, and don’t forget about the local groups, and I’ll go I’ll go back to those, let me complete this thought I’m all over the place today, I get excited. I get excited. Um, you know, don’t discredit that just because you’re meeting them online and getting their email address, you can get them in your store. And once you get them in your store, I’m there they’re already warm leads, you’ve already made friends with them. So that’s a that’s a great thing to think when they’re walking through the door. They already know you this day and age people believe that they know each other through social media. I do it all the time. I think that people are my friends who are obviously have never even heard my name before. But it’s because I have watched their story. I’ve watched him evolved, I’ve watched them bring new products in, I get really excited for people. So if I ever met that person, I already feel like I know them. So this is creating warm leads for you to come in. You are just furthering that you’re furthering your stamps as the local expert as the local expert in your community on all things pharmacy. And that’s what our goal is. I I get very excited, Mike, do you ever do that? Well, yeah, and I know people.
And I think this you mentioned, like, did battle the dollar store or Walmart or the gas station for the CBD thing is pharmacy is the experts. Right? And that has to be reminded to people online to say, you know, you can go to the dollar store, pick up OTC items, but you’re not going to have the conversation you’re going to have with us and this message has probably been hammered by a lot of us over time. But it has to be brought to the pharmacy needs to sell to highest level their degree, right. And you are the experts, you have most many of PhDs in pharmacy, you’re the experts that need to be brought to him that way. You know, asking questions to the patients or people out there, why would you not choose a pharmacy for this? How do I get to know you better? i It is exciting, because it’s something that pharmacies I think, who do that do that very well. And others, maybe they just don’t have the message yet. And so I think the tools are available to us and it’s to take that time.
Yeah, absolutely. It’s just relaying the information that you already have. That’s That’s it and you have the information. And I will say that I’ve learned this from working alongside Lisa for so long. Not that I’m an expert at all, but you pick up on some so you’ve been the CBD expert. Don’t feel like you are not qualified to speak on this. You’ve gone through these courses. You have your you have your pharmacist there to answer questions, you will become the CBD expert in your community, wear that hat wear that hat proudly and and it’s okay. So it’s okay to share the knowledge that you have. And if you get stumped, which happens to me all the time. You know, then you have your your pharmacist there or myself or or Lisa to help you out. It’s it’s really important that you walk in that power that you are the expert you are the CBT CBT champion of that store. Well, that’s all I really had today. I don’t have tons. We’re working. Everybody’s working through the courses. I’m available anytime Mike is certainly available anytime. If there’s any way that I can help reach out Heather at diversify or Mike at diversifier And I will see you all next week. future courses done Bye bye. Bye bye

Date: July 12, 2022
Time: 1:00 pm