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Hello all. My name is Monica Blankenship and I work as the PIC for Sandra Clarke at True Blue Pharmacy in Bastian, VA (see her earlier thread). I have been a pharmacist for 22 years, but I started as a pharmacy tech before I went to pharmacy school. Before coming to work for Sandra, I […]

Good evening!  I hope everyone is doing well.  My name is Paul Wolfe and I am the owner of Asheville Mountain Pharmacy in the beautiful mountains of East Asheville, NC.  We are in between an Urgent Care facility and Chiropractic Businesses.  We offer vaccinations, curbside pickup, free delivery, Amazon locker pickup location, blood pressure checks, […]

We are all here to help one another succeed. Introduce yourself to your pharmacy badass tribe. Here are some ideas you may want to include: Name & Location of your pharmacy Your goal in the next 12 months Biggest frustrations Types of revenue streams you are interested in Your first celebrity crush Feel free to […]