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We work hard putting together exclusive discounts and opportunities for you. Below are the companies that love independent pharmacy almost as much as we do! Each company offers a perk or discount to all Pharmacy Badass University Members. Be sure to always mention that you are a member. 

We hold our Badass Partners accountable. If you ever have any issues, please let us know ASAP. 

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Transform your patient’s life and your pharmacy’s profits with Approved Medical Solutions wellness trio! Nitric Oxide boosts blood flow to enhance everything from the heart, to helping diabetes, sexual health, and more. Thermo GLP-1 shreds fat, and the Men’s Formula revives youthful vigor. Elevate performance, accelerate fat loss, and optimize well-being—all in one bundle. Members save 5% on every order. Be sure to register as a provider and put in DiversifyRx in the group code.

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Unlock a new revenue stream for your pharmacy with Hollywog’s WiTouch Pro TENS Unit. Developed by the original manufacturers of Aleve Direct Therapy TENS, the WiTouch Pro offers cutting-edge, smartphone-controlled pain relief. Your customers can pair the device via Bluetooth and enjoy 4 electrotherapy programs, including a patented WiTouch Pro-exclusive treatment. A great drug-free pain solution that will create continued revenue for you through the purchase of pads. To order, click the link below and enter code “diversifyrx” to access your special discounts.

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Unlock Pharmacy Profits with Axe Rx! Say goodbye to predatory discount cards and hello to sustainable profits. Axe Rx offers intelligent pricing and white-labeling options tailored for independent pharmacies like yours. Optimize your cash-based prescriptions, offer competitive discounts to your patients, and make money even when your card is used at other pharmacies. Choose Axe Rx—where your profit and patient privacy matter.

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Are your customers bogged down by chronic pain, sleep issues, and low energy? Are they plateauing in their weight loss journey? Offer them a solution that addresses multiple health concerns—Nudora.

This all-in-one supplement promotes weight loss, reduces pain and inflammation, and even improves sleep due to its proven proprietary blend of probiotics backed by research. Elevate your cash-based revenue and empower your customers’ well-being.

Email Hootan at hootan@nudora.com or click the button below. Don’t forget to mention Pharmacy Badass University for your awesome discount! 

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COVID is on the rise, and testing demands are increasing. You can offer low-cost cash options or even still bill some insurance for your patients.

RxRise has several different lots of OTC COVID tests, with some as low as $2.75 a test.

RxRise is also a great resource for special buys on other prescription items. Be sure to ask about their current specials.

You can log into your account or give them a call at (888) 812-6262 to hear about all the options. Be sure to mention you are a member of DiversifyRx.

UgoRx Discount

Save $50 a Month for 6 Months!

UGO is a fantastic software to help you maximize opportunities for your pharmacy. From Medicare optimization to understanding which prescriptions are profitable, UGO crunches all the data and makes it easy to find diamonds in the rough.

UGO is the best software to help you do less of what is losing you money and more of what makes you money. They make the user experience easy peasy. Your techs can easily navigate in their system. Schedule a demo. Your future self will thank you.

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Don’t Put The Brakes On DSCSA Compliance

Yes, the enforcement deadline was pushed back to 2024. That doesn’t mean you should ignore DSCSA requirements. It takes time to learn and understand what exactly you need to do so you stay away from fines. 

LSPedia has the most integrations and can truly help you with an easy turnkey solution for a very affordable price. Be sure to mention DiversifyRx for amazing savings.

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Get Extra Marketing Help!

Direct billing worker’s compensation is one of the easiest and most profitable strategies any pharmacy can implement. By bypassing the PBMs (think MyMatrixx, Tmesys) you get paid the amount you should be. Most work comp rates are set at the state level. You deserve to get the full amount and not give 90% to a PBM.

I frequently hear ‘I only have 1-2 work comp patients’. Great! each patient is typcially worth several hundred dollars in profit a month! And once you realize how great and easy it is, you can focus on getting more. StreamCare is available in most states.


Save 10% On Your Subscription & No Setup Fees!

You need to know what is covered AND you should not be running test claims. What do you do? EZSCRIPTRx is your answer. You will get actual, real-time coverage data from benefit claim checks, which are NOT test claims.

You can easily see if a plan will cover any product. And with the intelligence behind EZSCRIPTRx, you can get info on where to buy the product for the best price and an estimated reimbursement for most NDCs.

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