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So we’ll go ahead and get started. Some some people might be hopping on. I already got one when I sent out the reminder. Email, I got a bunch of people, actually from Florida’s like, Oh, I’m not gonna be able to join, you know, I’m glad it’s recorded. So it’s, uh, I know sometimes the middle day, it’s tough to step away. But we are recording this. So let’s go ahead and get started with our first of two for our pharmacy profit summit post summit webinars. I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t just attend event. It’s great to attend event and feel good and get in energized. But I’m all about things being impactful and actually changing your pharmacy. So part of when you buy a ticket is you get access to these post summit webinars and hopefully provide you just some additional support. And kind of remind you of like, oh, yeah, I wanted to do that that was a thing I wanted to implement. Because we all know when you get back into the chaos of your pharmacy, you get distracted, and then all your plans, go on a shelf, a proverbial shelf, you know, and start collecting the proverbial dust and then pretty soon you forget they exist. So I really just providing these these summits and a way to support you. So Carl, you’re on live right now. And we’ve Mike, our pharmacy business coach, so all of you also get a free session with Mike where you can have some calls with him or just maybe a longer big call, whatever, you know, fits your needs. So don’t hesitate to use Mike. And he likes being busy. And he likes having calls. So we’ll make sure in the follow up with the recording of this session, that we send you out a link to his calendar as well so that we can get you guys that coaching call with Mike. So first off, I for this first webinar, my plan was to kind of go through our top rated sessions that on our on our feedback form, because you know, we sent out the survey and I you know, many of you have filled out that survey. And so I thought I would start with the top rated sessions, because I that would probably be the most things that people are trying to implement. So if that doesn’t seem to work, well, then I’ll take suggestions from the audience, so to speak. So first up the the highest rated session was actually the first session of the summits. I don’t know if there’s a coincidence there. But was my video marketing session? I think it probably resonated because people saw how easy it can be like, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And it doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to be scared of it. But Carl, was that session, impactful for you at all? Was that one of the sessions that you rated highly?
I did. And I was excited about doing that. And I’ve gotten back and gotten covered up with things and haven’t done it. But we already do well, you know, some Facebook type stuff. But it’s like you said it’s just a photograph or a graphic of something we’re doing or want to do or want to present to people. And I know that the video is is much more enticing to people, and exciting to people to watch. So I just haven’t done it.
Okay, is question for you? Is there anybody else on your team that might be able to help you out with that? So you’re not the bottleneck in that process? Yes,
we’ve hired a new pharmacist just graduated from us. And she’s gonna be Director of Clinical Services. And so she’s one of them. My daughter who works in the business is one that does the Facebook stuff now. And I just need to talk to her more about and get it going. But
you know, as much as it might be, you know, best case scenario for you, the owner to you know, have your face plastered all over your Facebook, and have you been the video, it doesn’t really have to be that way. And if you remember back, I showed a couple examples of how you can just show a product and you know, your daughter could go out there and say, hey, you know, it’s cold and flu season, here’s our most you know, popular immune boosting supplement and she could just be holding it in her hand and the video just on the supplement and talk about it and say why it’s awesome how much it costs. And, you know, maybe she walks over and puts it on the shelf for a tome is it’s like here’s where it’s at, in our pharmacy, you know, come by, stop by and you know, stock up now before you get sick, you know, so doesn’t have to be you and and it doesn’t even have to be a face on the screen. Although we all know that people psychologically respond well then looking at another human face, but it doesn’t have to be you’re gonna get 95% effectiveness, just being in a video format.
Yeah, so one of the things I really wanted to present with this video marketing was saying Florida we can do test and treat. So that’s gonna be part of our clinical we built treatment rooms or our exam rooms or what counseling rooms we just finished building them in our two pharmacies. And so I wanted to present that with one of the pharmacists maybe doing a test or, or something like that.
Yes, that is wonderful. You know, it’s funny I talked to so I was just at a huge marketing event last week. Um, which really, the kind of event doesn’t really matter, but it was an event with 5000 people. And so when you’re sitting around and you’re talking and everybody’s like networking, I actually asked a bunch of questions, because here’s all these people, they have no idea who I am. They have no idea, you know what I do for a living? And so I just kind of started asking some questions like, Hey, did you ever think about you know, getting a test at a pharmacy? Or did you go and get a COVID test or, you know, flus coming up, you know, we would you consider going to a pharmacy for, you know, a flu shot or or flu test, I just kind of just asked people, as I, you know, this entire week that I spent with this huge group of people. And what kind of came up as a recurring theme is like, I wouldn’t have any problem with it. I just don’t know what to expect. It’s kind of like when they go to a doctor’s office, there’s a rhythm to a doctor’s office appointment, that people just feel comfortable with it. Like they know what to expect, even if it doesn’t work out that way. In their mind, they think they know what to expect. But when it came to a pharmacy, they’re just like, I, you know, sure, I would go to a pharmacy, but how does it work? You know, how do you how do you make an appointment? Or what happens? You know, like, they just, they just didn’t know what that flow would would look like. So I think a perfect video for pharmacies that are doing testing is like, here’s our process, you know, here’s the four step process or the, you know, three step or five step, whatever it is. And here’s, here’s what it looks like. And here’s, you know what your experience will be. And that’ll probably get rid of a lot of that friction of people looking to come to you as a pharmacy.
Yeah, yeah, we were fortunate we did a lot of COVID testing. We had a rapid test, Sofia machine and a rapid test back in April of 2020. Oh, wow. Oh, I know. So nobody else had that. And we were doing sometimes 100 250 tests a day. Wow. So we have a lot of people that were not our patients coming in to get tested. And so we feel like the community kind of a lot of people understand what’s, what can happen in the pharmacy? Of course, we’ve been doing vaccinations too.
Yeah. Now, we’ve had so many people coming through. Did you collect? Obviously, you’ve got some other demographic information. But did you collect any of like their contact information, like emails, or cell phone numbers that you can, you know, send out an email campaign because hey, if they came to you for testing once, like, let them know, the other tests that you offer, and you had the SOFIA, which is, which is the COVID. But and I don’t know what testing you’re doing. But I know a popular test is the COVID. Flu way and flu be combined three in one test. That would be a great message to send out all to those people is like, Thank you for trusting us with your, you know, health care needs. Here’s these other tests that we offer, as we come into, you know, respiratory and cough and cold and flu season.
Yeah, I know, we have their cell phone number. Okay. I’m pretty sure about that. Because we had to call some people back with test results. And yeah, but I don’t think we get emails.
Well, if you do have cell phone numbers, I have used our x reach to do mass text messaging. And it’s a it’s a pretty easy platform to use. I mean, there’s a little bit of a learning curve, it wasn’t that complicated. I just had to sit down for kind of 20 minutes and figure it all out. But that might be a way or you might be able to do that through your PMS system, some pmss systems offer that.
Okay, yeah, we’ll look at that.
In curl, don’t be afraid to do that, you know, maybe you’re afraid that your customers might be you know, we don’t overwhelm them with emails and things like that. You can for you to let them know, ahead of time saying, hey, we’ll be reaching out and we have always put in information when it gets you regarding some of our new testing or things that we’re doing. So don’t feel you can’t do this, or you shouldn’t, because I think a lot of folks would rather hear from you than something other junk that they get. Okay, really, you bring a lot to the community, and you need to let them know that.
Yeah, so we’ve had a bunch of people hop on. So just to let everybody know, kind of where we’re at. So I’m going through and I’m, you know, bringing up the topics of some of the most popular sessions rated by your guys’s surveys that you did for the summit. So first of all, thank you for filling out your survey. And we’re just kind of talking through and seeing if you’ve implemented it, what kind of support you might need in order to help implement it because having great ideas doesn’t really change the dollars in the bank. So you got to you got to implement them. So we’re talking the highest rated session was the video marketing session that I did when I when I opened the show. So that’s what we’re talking about now. So if anybody else has any thoughts on video marketing, did you start it did you want to start? What’s what’s been holding you up anything like that? Feel free to just unmute yourself and hop into the conversation.
Love your feedback.
Anything else, Carl on the video marketing? Oh,
no, we just kind of been holding off on doing the test and treat thing. We’d like to get paid on a few claims before we go crazy with
plastic and then and then don’t forget about cash too. I mean, obviously billing there’s, you know advantages to that. But there’s also advantages to to cash as well people, people want results and they want convenience and they will pay for it.
Yes, we did a cash strep test on a patient without insurance. And so we tested them, they were positive for strep would prescribe I don’t remember what antibiotic and dispense the antibiotic, a generic antibiotic to him. And the whole thing was less than $100. And we had maybe $15 in the drug and tests. So yeah, we felt good about that. Yeah, and
even posted, and obviously you don’t post the patient information, but just say, hey, you know, 32, male uninsured, you know, came in with with symptoms of a sore throat. And so, you know, we were able to swab him, he came up positive, we were able to prescribe his antibiotic, and he was in and out in 30 minutes in less than $100. You know, a comparable trip to the urgent care would have cost $250. And the emergency room visit probably would have been in the 1000s. Like, you know, that’s a great story to tell.
Yes, we’ve always or I’ve always been reluctant to do things that are cash because I always thought people wouldn’t pay cash. The insurance didn’t cover it. They weren’t going to do it. But after going to the House meeting in Dallas, I realized I just need to people will pay cash.
Yes. Yeah, pretty much. No, but I’ve been told for years while pharmacies I go to in very small towns, it’s like, you know, we’re a Medicaid community. We just can’t if we don’t have cash. But then you find out someone like Lisa knows as a pharmacist and in South Central Kentucky has been selling hearing aids. And people are spending three to $400. And he’s sold 14 of it can happen, it’s a matter of showing them their worth and your value.
Yep. All right. Before we leave the video topic, is anybody else that’s joined have any comments? Or maybe any success stories to share? Or or if you have any barriers before we hop on to the next one? All right. Don’t say anything. All right. So the next highest rated session was on low cost guaranteed ways to grow your pharmacy. And so this was another one of my sessions that I love, like guerilla style, marketing, and leveraging relationships and partnerships to grow your pharmacy. So I went over some of the kind of my most popular at least my most effective ways to grow pharmacy without having to spend a lot of money. It’s really just about leveraging some relationships. Just to give you guys a recap, you feel like, I don’t quite remember that. I’ll give you that to give you a recap of the things that I talked about. So I talked about hospice and better X plastic surgeons, using the word free, direct billing worker’s comp, becoming a charity donation drop off location, leveraging bounce back coupons and a referral program. So those were the the kind of topics in that talk that I discussed. And so I know I definitely want to dive into charity drop off location and referral program with you guys today. But if there’s any other ideas in there that maybe sparked your guys’s interest, or that one of you really grasped onto that we can talk about I’m happy to talk about those as well.
Many of you that are muted, you just self unmute, and you can pipe on it. I’d
love to hear your thoughts and what you’ve experienced since the show.
Yeah, did any of you tried it? So first of all, it was highly rated, but if any of you tried to go implement any of those, is that one of your things, you know, you can’t implement it all. So it was that one of the things that you you know, put down on your notes like yes, I want to go implement that or is it just something you liked? And you’re like, not not high priority right now?
Yes, well, I this is Coral. I have started the ball rolling on the hospice thing and I have a lady that’s working on that with me and contacting our local hospice. And we were already doing the workers comp thing. I don’t work day to day in the pharmacy. So some of these things, I don’t realize whether we’re doing it or not to our pharmacist. Yep. But those were two things that that I checked on. Better Rs.
Gov direct billing workers comp. There’s a couple of companies out there that provide that service. You know, my two favorite are stream care and serve RX. There’s, there’s some little differences between them, but they’re essentially the same type of service. But man, you just need a couple of patients and to really make an impactful difference. So that’s fantastic that you’re doing it. One, the One strategy that I wanted to make sure and absolutely talk to you guys today about was the charity drop off location. So holidays around the corner, wintertime was around the corner. And this was the heavy time where I used to leverage my pharmacy to be a drop off location for a multitude of different charities. Usually, there was always Toys for Tots, which is usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas time, there was homeless shelters or the foster home kids, anything where it’s like jackets and warm clothing was needed. There’s the food drives, whether canned food drives, or non perishable food drives for the food bank, we just we we reached out to a lot of different charities in our community and said, hey, you know, let us be a drop off location. And it worked really well, because in our city, it was kind of a sprawled out City, it was, you know, it’s a, everything was kind of far apart. And a lot of times these nonprofits and homeless shelters and things like that are on one side of town, but yet the people with the extra money and the extra space is you know, on the other side of town, and so our pharmacy was a nice located pharmacy where people could come drop our stuff off, and then we would either go take it to the place, or the place would come by and just have to pick it up at one location, instead of making a whole bunch of driving all over town. And when we did that, we also got tons of free PR because like when you’re I’ll just use Toys for Tots as an example, because almost every community has Toys for Tots is when they did their radio campaigns. And they did their TV campaigns and flyers up at malls and stores and all those kinds of things. Our pharmacy was listed there as a drop off location. So it was it was kind of like free advertising. And then what we did was was when people came into the pharmacy to actually drop off the thing, one, we gave them a bounce back coupon and the bounce back coupon. We said thank you so much for your donation. So we kind of customized it for the donation. And you know, here’s a $10 coupon off on your next visit. And we asked them, we engage with them. Hey, Mike, thank you so much for bringing in this food. Hey, you know, are you a patient here? You know, I haven’t seen you before. Did you know that we can probably fill your prescriptions? Do you have any needs, you know, Do you have anybody in your family that gets prescriptions, we would just engage in that conversation to try to convert them over to a patient. And I, I would tell you invariably, more times than not. So many people would then become our patient because once they came in through the door, one they were coming in, we were aligned at our charities, you know, they were donating to something and we were promoting the charity. So there was already alignment there. But we just had an atmosphere in our pharmacy, it was very welcoming, you know, very different than a lot of other pharmacies. And so you know, it made an impact as soon as they could cross that threshold. So now’s the time to be working with the charities reach out to them kind of figure out what what that could look like. But we used to be a charity donation site and it drove a lot of free traffic. And really good things for the community of people to our pharmacy. So I would highly encourage if any of you are wanting to get that kind of free exposure to now’s the time to capitalize on the charity side of things as we enter the cold weather and the holidays
any questions on that one? Had some more people join? Hey, Jeff.
You guys have anything to offer? We’d love to hear that feedback would be important for us
we’re just wowing the mic alright, and the last one that I wanted to make sure to talk to you guys about was a referral program. Um hands down I would say that over having a structured referral program was like the key to my success you know Yes, we did lots of cool things like charity drop offs and whatnot to give bring people here but that’s kind of a hard sell it those people are cold. They don’t really know me. Yes, they might know that we are promoting their charity or something. But you know, they don’t really know me. The best way to get somebody really warm. And most likely to become a patient of yours is to get a referral from somebody who’s already there. And, and so getting a referral. So thank you, Jessica, she has to leave. And so when you get a referral, you know, you guys have done this, Hey, Bob, you have you been to this new, you know, tool shop down the thing. It’s like, oh, Mike was so nice. And he helped me out. And he saved me $100 By telling me about this other thing, like, you should go down to that tool shop, you know, it’s like, do you think Bob’s gonna go down to the tool shop? Like, yes, like, why would Bob go anywhere else. And so same same thing with pharmacies is, I always looked at a referral program and word of mouth on fire blitz you, Mike, I’m putting word of mouth on fire. When a new restaurant opened in, you know, the town that I had my pharmacy in, it was like a buzz in the town. You know, it was like this, this energy that just went across people, and they were always talking about it. And, you know, when I first started my pharmacy, I was like, I want people talking about my pharmacy like that, like, I want it to be a buzz like, oh, my gosh, I had such a great experience. And, and so that was really kind of where the whole idea of a referral program kind of burst in my brain. But if you don’t have a referral program, and that would be one of your goals. It’s definitely one of the things I’d recommend if you’re trying to grow the number of patients. And then you know, we were talking with Carl earlier about his testing. And there’s lots of different ways you can do a referral program, you can do a generic umbrella, you know, everybody’s targeted, we’re just messaging about referrals. And you can also do very narrow and very niche. Yes, I say niche, not niche, a very niche type of referral. So if you do high end compounding, or you have some sort of specialty, you could do referral programs that really focus on those areas. And so for Carl, you have all those patients that did testing, you know, depending on what kind of information you got from them like that, because it’s so profitable, you just said, you know, you did the test to treat and, you know, it was $100, and you only had 15, you know, 15 bucks, and it’s you had 85% margin and $85. You know, is it worth it to ask that patient that came in, you know, hey, is there anybody else, you know, that might benefit from our service. And, you know, so you can do very broad referral programs or very narrow ones. And nowadays, with all the automation in place, you know, you could set up texting automations through PMS, you could set up email automations. There’s a lot of things you could automate. Don’t let the automation stop you though, if you feel a little overwhelmed by the technology because I did my referral program. Long before there was all this cool automation, we just did it old school style, but our referral program was definitely part of the piece of the pie. That allowed us to add over 400 new patients over 18 months in a row in our pharmacy, like, you know, we had our streak. And it’s it can be very powerful. And people like a warm handoff. They like knowing Hey, Bob vouched for these guys, and I like Bob, so I’m gonna go down to the pharmacy. They’re so
so do you offer them? I mean, I had a buddy in pharmacy that did something like that. But he offered and this was years and years ago, so he offered them the person that did the referring like $5 coupon and, and then they gave a coupon to the person they were talking to.
I don’t think there’s any wrong, you know, well, I shouldn’t say it, there are some wrong ways to do referral programs, where it’s like inducement and you get in trouble. But so how I recommend doing a referral program is the person who did the referring so I’m already a patient at the pharmacy, Mike is my neighbor. And I tell Mike, hey, you should really go down to this pharmacy down here. You’re gonna love it. When Mike comes in. And the pharmacy asks, Hey, how did you hear about this? And they say, Oh, my neighbor, Lisa told me, Lisa is the one that gets, I suggest $20 credits. And I’ll go into that, why in just a minute. But so I get the $20 credit on my account, Mike just gets the wonderful experience of our pharmacy. There’s no guarantee to him anywhere in this process. Now that doesn’t say, Does it mean that we didn’t hand out some bounce back coupons to people that transferred and I can’t say that we hit everybody because there was never a promise of what that new patient got because that’s where the inducement and Medicare rules and all of that come in. You can’t reward somebody for you know, switching prescriptions to you. You know, there’s limits and you know, all kinds of things like that. So if you if I’m not rewarding them, then I don’t I don’t have to worry about any of those compliance rules. I’m rewarding the person that that gave the referral. But a lot of times when people were transferred, especially if they transferred like a whole family or something, we tear off a couple of bounce back coop lawns and they could use them, you know, on their next visit for OTCs or, you know, stuff like that. But we did $20 credits to the person who did the referring it was basically a thank you to our long term patient or short term patients. I mean, sometimes people refer to us right away. But it was a thank you to the people who were already our customers, as a way to say thanks for referring us. And so the reason I do $20 is one $20 is enough like to make you pay attention. You know, when you’re changing people’s habits, and you’re trying to get them to do something you want them to do, that carrot has to be a pretty good carrot, because we all are all pretty stuck in our own ways and our habits. The other thing is, when I started teaching other pharmacies, how to do this, you know, 10, plus years ago, they tried $5, they tried $10. And they were just never ever as effective. And as soon as they went to 20, it changed the program completely. And so there’s just I think something psychologically with consumers that $20 is valuable, but $5 is not. And so I think it’s really important that the value there, and you only pay the referral fee, when it works. That’s the other thing with referral program. I mean, you know, as much as I talked about paid advertising, and you know, lots of other things, sometimes you’re paying that bill, regardless if you got one new patients or not. But with a referral program, you were only quote unquote, paying the money when it works. And so you can actually afford to pay a little more because you’re not wasting the money on ineffective or not getting any, any results. And so, you know, that’s kind of the methodology and the madness behind the $20.
Is anyone ever introduced something like this in a pharmacy setup curls mentioned? You can always type in your answer on this on the chat if you’d like. You may be busy at the counter for all we know. Yeah. You get it.
I know I’ve been hanging out in my new pharmacy in Oklahoma, I try to go at least once every other week. But you know, chaos always, always comes just when you just when you least expect it. It’s like we had an arc. We you know, with the change of ownership and stuff, we had to we had to you had to had to get an inspection. And the inspector calls us at least he gave us a heads up because that never happened in California. But Oklahoma’s inspector called the Friday before Labor Day, to let us know that he was going to be there on Tuesday. And I was like, Are you kidding me? An inspector is going to come on the literally the busiest day of the year for pharmacy. School, you know, it’s just like, we made it through my pharmacist in charge did a beautiful job. And but still, it’s like just when you least expect it, you know, chaos ensues.
Lisa, you’ve been talking a lot about, you know, the marketing side for pharmacy especially that was the most popular discussion. Within the membership to you’ve got access to all the old videos, as well as marketing pieces. And then there’s training programs involved that your husband had put together as well. I find that as a coach to be the one more difficult areas for pharmacies to think about their marketing right there. With social media becoming more apt and capable, that they’re getting away from the expenditure side of paper and old advertising, which is good. At the same time. It’s none of us are really good. I maybe except for you is working the social media program side and identifying someone in their firms who could do it. But it’s really just taking the time to think of a strategy and say, This is what I will talk about this month and have that rolling through. I think that’s the biggest thing. And that’s why I think it was probably the most important part of the show is people need to feel they have to get some voice up compared to the billions that Walgreens and CVs are spending, we need to get over that.
Yeah, so um, thank you for that. I’m going to I’m going to give a little case study. So I’m actually going to be talking about this on social media because I just I’m so proud, like, all of you guys that are members. You know, I’m a parent, and I think of you all very fondly almost like children like not to say that you’re young or immature or anything. It’s just I have that motherly instinct. And so earlier this week, Paul, Paul Wolf from Asheville mountain pharmacy, he was one of our members he submitted so one of the benefits you get as being a member is you get to submit requests for like custom marketing materials. Because let’s face it, y’all aren’t graphic designers. And so Paul had submitted a request for some flyers for the by valence COVID vaccine because they got the they got it in and they wanted to start doing vaccinations. And so I you know, I did some mock ups for him and you know, we work through the edits and then he’s like, great, so I sent him over the final versions, and we do all of our graphic designing in Canva because you can open up Canva account for free and it makes graphics isn’t easy because if I try if I try to teach anybody Adobe Photoshop, like, don’t shoot me, and I’ll actually shoot myself. So Canva makes it super easy. And so I’m had. So when Paul, so he’s he’s texting me. And we were going back and forth. And I was like, let me just hop on the phone and help you with this because he’s like, I can’t figure out the T like the link like the links not opening like, what am I supposed to do? And so we hopped on literally a five minute phone call. And I was like, push this button push this. He’s like, Oh, that’s what I wasn’t doing. Figure that out. I said this the one for flyers, you want to download it in PDF? For social media, you want to do PNG? And then he’s like, Well, how do I get it on social media? Like, you know, and I said, Oh, well, I use pablor. I’m going to a is what I use. And I said, it makes it super easy. And you can do all your platforms at once. He’s like, huh, all right, I’m gonna look into that. And so that was that was our little conversation, you know, kind of shortened up. And we were joking through it is like, man, if he kept telling me I’m learning so much today, I’m learning so much today, like he kept me was that was like our whole little conversation over the course of a couple of hours. And then today, I’m scrolling on my social media, because I kicked my kids out to school at 645. And then I kind of chill for 15 minutes until seven o’clock, and I do my morning social media. And I’m scrolling. And I see the image that I created for Paul on social media. And it was he posted it, and it says at the top posted by bubbler. So he had went to public and like, figured it out. And he posted it. And he had a bunch of comments. And he had a bunch of things on it. And I was just like, I was so happy like a mom, like you know, to see your kid do something. And there he was posting on social media, like using graphics, getting comments, getting people to book appointments for his by Vaillant cars, you know, COVID vaccines. And I just I had a very proud moment, as you know, Mom, mom, member mom, or whatever. And you can do it. And I think it’s just, it’s so hard, I think for most of us as pharmacy owners is because it’s just out of our complete skill. Like I went to college night with my son’s last night. And it’s like colleges either identify, oh, we’re a small liberal arts college, or we’re a, you know, science Stem College. And those two are just such disconnected, I think not only in our own brains, but in society. And you know, as pharmacists, we’re, you know, scientists and math people and all of this kind of stuff. And it’s like, none of us went to liberal arts school, you know, like none of us went and did creative writing as as an elective, you know, that most of us probably, that would have been torture. And so it just is so far from our natural disposition, that we feel like a fish out of water. And it feels hard, and it feels complicated. But when you actually get in there and take the steps, you were smart people like we pick it up. And it’s like, just like Paul was like, oh, oh, like he just had all these renovations, like, I’ve learned more today than like, ever before, like when it comes to marketing, and now he’s posting on social media, and I’m seeing it done, lots of other people are seeing it. And anyways, it can happen and it doesn’t have to be this overarching, yes, you should have a plan and should have a strategy and, you know, all those kinds of things, you know, don’t don’t drive in your car and take off if you don’t have a destination. And at some point, you just got to start off by putting gas in your car, you know, it’s like you just start off with step one, even if sometimes you don’t have the entire process laid out. And so I think that’s just the most important thing is just to take those baby steps and get that confidence because I guarantee you now Paul has a ton of confidence when it comes to marketing. So
I was gonna ask everyone if you can type in the message if you’re doing Do you feel comfortable with social media? If you feel it’s an area that you’ve you’ve already got some experience with? How comfortable are you with using social media? I myself, I’m not even that comfortable. Because, you know, I want to be a perfectionist when I put in my message and sometimes that’s not possible. You know, and we’re human beings and the fact that you you most pharmacists are perfectionist, and that’s good because that’s what patients expect. Right? And that’s safety as well as satisfactory but I would love to know if you guys have successful social media are you using companies through your PSA Oh or through your your buying groups with your wholesaler? Are they giving you the social media backgrounds and at least the backbones to utilize where you can then manipulate?
Love your thoughts don’t see anything? Oh, go ahead.
Maybe I don’t understand how complicated it is. But you know, I’ve personally I’ve taken videos of things we do on the farm like baling hay or working cows and posted on my personal at That’s all we’re doing right?
Yep, that’s all we’re doing. Okay.
Yep, that’s That’s it. It’s just, uh, people get nervous like Thomas chimed in here. It’s a challenge to be legally and politically correct on anything posted. And and that’s a very valid point, Tom. So let me just address address that for just a minute. So when it comes to legally, the most important thing that you want to remember in social media is don’t be a pharma company. If you get into making claims about anything, you have to follow all the FDA rules on advertising. So just don’t ever go there in terms of like, hey, we have Viagra for erectile dysfunction, then Facebook and Google are going to expect you to have all of the requirements that FDA has for promoting a prescription drug. So instead of saying, Hey, we have Viagra for erectile dysfunction, says, Hey, if you have problems with erectile dysfunction, come talk to us our pharmacists have, you know, low cost solutions, or, you know, whatever, like, just don’t ever put the two together. Like you can highlight a product, say, hey, we had this new prescription product, we have clemastine liquid in our pharmacy, come on down, you know, and talk to your pharmacist. But don’t say we have clemastine for allergies. Like as soon as you start to put the drug with the like indication kind of thing is that that’s when you start getting to like legal issues, because they want you to comply with all the rules and regulations that Pharma has. The other thing is just don’t pay for advertising when you are highlighting a specific drug. So I organically post like, like, I just clemastine example, when we got clemastine in Hey, got clemastine in the pharmacy, you know, blah, blah, blah, and never had any problems with that. But if I were to boost it, or to pay an ad for it, Facebook is going to disallow it because I didn’t set up all of the required patient informations and warnings and all of that kind of stuff that Pharma has to comply with. So post about you posted about your services. That’s why I say live video, you can say and you could say things on live video, that, hey, I’ve got comments down here for allergies, you know, this, this and that. You can say all that on my video and you’re never going to you’re never going to have have an issue with that. So that’s kind of like the legal side. But and then when it comes to politically correct. First off, I know it’s very hard I tell us myself all the time is you will never make everybody happy. Ever, you will always have haters, you will always have people you post, hey, we’ve got cold, you know, by bailant COVID vaccines and then you know, somebody comments, oh, you’re working for the devil and you know, you’re wanting everybody to die. Um, just delete the comment and and move on. Like, you’re, you’re you’re going to do that. But you can’t let the fear of somebody disagreeing with you, stop you from helping all the rest of your community. You know, I have my own haters in the pharmacy world, too. You know, and not to say that I’m perfect or easy. But you know, it’s it’s hard sometimes to come up against those. So I know what it feels like, on my our pharmacy Facebook pages, we’ve had all those comments, especially when it comes to vaccines or anything like that. We just, you know, hide them and move on. So just know that if you kind of go in expecting them, then they tend to sting less whenever they eventually happen, because you were expecting them in the first place.
And health has no boundaries, right? Really think about it, there’s health itself and health treatment shouldn’t really have a political point to it. And it happens sometimes, unfortunately. But yeah, in this
day and age, you can say drink a glass of water, and somebody will find a way to politicize it. I mean, it’s just that’s unfortunately the times that we’re in, but that shouldn’t move us from stopping forward. And, you know, my response is if, unless it’s particularly hateful of, you know, comment or something like that. Sometimes I’m engaged with those people, it says, hey, you know, vaccines aren’t for everybody. Our Our job is a local community pharmacies to bring options to our community, we serve all patients at Smith pharmacy, you know, like, you know, you just you respond to those and you kind of have a canned, very politically correct statement, that also can give you more confidence because you know what to say or you know, how to respond. You know, somebody calls the pharmacy, and they’re like, why did you post on vaccines? You know, you guys are horrible people. And it’s like, Hey, Mrs. Smith, you know, thank you for your opinion. We appreciate it very much. But, you know, we serve the whole community here in city name, and we just want to make sure that everybody has the option so they can pick what’s right for them. Right. That’s it, you know, so um, all right. Anything else? That was a good question, Thomas. Yeah. All right. I don’t See anything else coming up, I don’t see anybody else that unmuted. Last but not least, the last thing I wanted to talk to you guys about today was flu shots and flu shot clinics and COVID boosters and vaccines in general. One of the things, the third highest ranking session was Dr. Capano CBD session. And this is actually one of the initiatives in my pharmacy is we really are trying to increase our sales of the Ananda pm blend the sleeping one, the one that completely changed my husband’s life and gave me gave me a new husband. And the way that we’re doing that, we’re focusing on it with our flu shots or our COVID shots, I’m going to use flu shots in a very generic term here, whatever, whatever shot you’re giving somebody. And so what we’re doing, we were doing flu clinics in our pharmacy, and we’re doing walk, you know, walk ins into the pharmacy. So flu clinic is something that’s off site, where our pharmacist goes off site and does one probably at like an employer group. And then of course, we offer them in the pharmacy too. And so what we’re trying to do with the flu clinics is, what we discovered is most of those patients, we’re not regular patients of our pharmacy, you know, every year their employer asked us to come out and do flu shots, but we weren’t really converting those patients, the previous owners, it just wasn’t a focus of theirs. And so it is a focus of ours now. So what we’re doing is we’re offering the Berkeley life, nitric oxide saliva test, to anybody getting a shot, because it takes 15 seconds for the saliva test. And we’re like, Hey, are you interested in finding out if you’re low and nitric oxide, nitric oxide can do everything from help you gain energy to blood circulation? You know, we we kind of talked about them. And usually they say, Yeah, because it’s free, and they’re sitting there, and they’re getting a shot. So it’s like, might as well put this thing in my mouth and hold it there. And, and do the test. And so the kind of starting to help see us anymore clinical, kind of outside of just dispensing pills in a vial. And then depending on how it comes out, which most people are low. And when you say hey, well, we’ve got some supplements that can increase that. Sometimes they take the supplements with them, and sell them there. And then we also just ask the patient, like, Hey, how are you sleeping? And we know that in general, the general population 50% of people have problems sleeping. And so part of that conversation that that pharmacist is having is how are you sleeping? And so if they say, sleep, not good, you know, whatever, something negative, then we say, hey, you know, we have a product that is guaranteed to work the first night, or you get your money back? And, you know, would you like to come in to the pharmacy and you know, buy that and you know, happy to talk to you more about it. And so those are like the two ways we’re leveraging flu clinics and flu shots to kind of introduce people to other things. I’ve heard of other people doing some, you know, some different kinds of things. They’re doing drug induced nutrient depletion, and a flu. Flu shot is like, hey, what other because you generally you ask like what other medications you’re on, like, oh, you know, you’re on a statin, you might be this. So I think there’s lots of angles on there. But you have that patients kind of undivided attention for a few minutes. And so I’d like to encourage you guys to think like, how can you be leveraging those few minutes to earn extra revenue and earn some additional trust with patients that you’re giving vaccines to? So I’d love to hear if any of you guys have any plans along those lines with any of your vaccines.
Hi, guys. So what we’re doing, I mean, I’m maximizing, trying to convert the patients over to our regular patients. And then also encouraging the Medicare Part D. So they’re coming in for the COVID tests of COVID vaccine, we’re making sure that they’ve gotten their flu tests, the flu, their flu shot, letting them know that they’re eligible for for free test kits per month. And then, you know, getting them to be interested in doing Medicare, open enrollment to give them an opportunity to see how much we can save them with their Medicare Part D plan. Okay,
that’s great.
Debbie Merkley of life the Berkeley life. It’s, I mean, I have it. I haven’t turned that on yet. It’s like I don’t want to over yeah, there’s only so many of you later.
Yeah. You don’t want to you don’t want to overdo it. You want to pick one, maybe two things. At most. So.
When we say my, I was asking, you felt pretty good on the messaging and people respond well, to you.
Yeah, I mean, I mean, it’s all very much based on the pharmacist who’s doing the vaccine. One farmer CES that does an amazing job. Like today there was two patients from Ralph’s two people from Costco. The Costco ones a little bit tricky because they feel like they’re saving money by going to Costco even they’re on a Medicare Part D plan. I, I believe it doesn’t matter where you go on the Medicare Part D, maybe if there’s a usual and customer that’s lower. But I highly doubt that Costco is leaving that money on the table, especially because they get hit with dir fees, just like we do. I assume. Maybe their contract doesn’t
have dir fees or federal. So yes, Costco still gets hit with dir fees.
That can’t be written into the contract.
I’m sure the levels can be but there’s nobody that I know of that is not worth their own PVM that they have none.
So. So that’s a little bit of not a challenge, but opportunity to have a conversation with them.
That’s perfect. I would continue that and like Costco uses their membership as that, you know, the return patient. But I think once they see your service and the ability that you’re they’re coming to do and access is great. So keep it up.
Yeah, and our numbers were my goals to do 25% of our vaccine of our COVID vaccines to give them flu shots and so forth. The month we’re tracking that we’re just lagging behind, I want to do 10% of our Medicare patients to get home test kits doing about 5%.
I love that I think you’re doing the right thing. You’re creating awareness at the same time.
Yeah, that was our bag stuffer. For September was the free test kits.
Yeah. So that’s what’s going on. Thank you.
Anybody else have any ideas of what they’re doing with flu shots or vaccines in general to kind of stimulate additional revenue or additional service usage?
See, don’t be shy. We’re all here to help.
All right, I don’t see anything. So I’m going to be respectful of your guys’s time and stop it an hour. Those of you know me know, I could probably talk for hours on strategies and revenues. But I will, I will cut this thing off at an hour. So thank you. And we will have another one of these in a few weeks. Again, just want to continue to support you. For those of you that are members, you know, we’ve got the point of care testing course up in the membership now so you know, if you’re going through that, make sure and get all the help you need from myself or Dr. Kristen talent, and make sure you get your testing up and going. Don’t just never hesitate to reach out. That’s what we’re here for. So thank you all for joining and thank you for joining the summit. I greatly appreciate it you guys. You know I can’t say it enough how much I appreciate your guys’s trust in me and I’m looking forward to 2023 We’ve got a bang of line of speakers already. Yes, it may seem early, but when your event planning you need to do it early. So 2023 is going to be just as awesome. So you guys watching this later watching the recording, feel free to send me an email, you can respond to the email that I sent you or send me one at info at diversifier. You can also reach out to me via LinkedIn or Facebook or any of the social medias. Send a raven, you know, whatever, whatever you need, I’ll answer and get back to you. So thank you so much for joining and I’ll let you guys go and we’ll talk to you next time.
She said Carol, good to see you again.
Hi, good to see you and hope to see you in. In Kansas City. Are you gonna be alright, good. We’ll be there.
All right. Bye.
Bye bye.